Building Support for Deeper Learning 

Stop managing for obedience.

Start managing for engagement.

Our mission is to embed the psychology of learning in policy to stop policy from undermining learning. Let's protect the enthusiasm of all K-12 students by ensuring that they are taught by passionate teachers in joyful schools.

We are educating and supporting school leaders of all kinds to better understand deeper learning and the psychological and organizational conditions that produce it.

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Most Schools Won't Fit

While emphasizing the parent perspective this book is a quick read and provides two practical guides for all kinds of leaders. One for dealing directly with children and other people by supporting their primary psychological needs. The other is a guide to recognizing engagement. When you see more engagement then you know your efforts to support their needs is succeeding.

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Education Can ONLY Be Offered

This book emphasizes a larger perspective on education and suggests design criteria that leaders can use to facilitate a community conversation about rethinking their current school or designing a whole new one. The design/redesign process encourages building on a combination existing strengths and the science-vaildated core of human nature, primary human needs.

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More Joy More Genius Action Figures 9x6
More Joy More Genius

Don Berg brings new insights from the psychology of learning to the policy realm in More Joy More Genius. This book empowers school leaders to mobilize complex, whole-system change for both teachers and students. 


"Let me just say WOW! This book is outstanding. Literally one of the best reads I have seen in a long time. I want to thank you for sharing it and give you an incredible 5 stars. I hope more people are given a chance to read it."

     Angela Long, Ed.D.

     Director, Strategic Engagement

     Tallahassee Community College

Back Cover: Reliably producing deeper learning is the key to successful K-12 schooling. We will know that deeper learning is being sustainably fueled when joy is as normal for high schoolers as it is for kindergartners and first graders. The absence of joy means that students and teachers are disengaging. Disengaged students or teachers defeat the purpose of school in the same way that running out of gas defeats the purpose of a car. Cars have fuel gauges to enable drivers to more reliably fulfill their purposes. Psychologists can gauge the fuel for deeper learning. Managing psychological gas tanks is as simple as supporting the joys of teaching and learning.


More Joy, More Genius provides tools for better psychological fuel management. The tools presented inside include:

  • Back to Basics 2.0: Rethinking what’s basic in K-12

  • The psychological foundations of deeper learning explained

  • A policy resolution to help you organize a deeper learning reform campaign

  • Design criteria for making deeper learning into a sustainable organizational habit